Who Am I?

I am a person who loves art in all forms. I’m a self-made artist and want to paint to the satisfaction of my severe critic that is none other than me. After completion of my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, I was uncertain about my interest like most of us are. Overall other management and technical courses, I opted for Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism. I had no clue where this course will lead me ‘That was then and this is now’.

I have always found time to spend on things which I was longing to do for years. I am very passionate about paintings and love to try and experiment with different forms and styles of art. I am fascinated by nature and its endless variations; it gives me the un-tainted and self-less happiness. I am an avid fan of Nature and love to spend time in developing and nurturing plants. I also love travelling and believe it helps develop your personality. Travel is experiencing things beyond the usual and is consistently challenging, exciting, and fulfilling. I love the quote “The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.” by Anna Quindlen because I have reinvented myself so many times. Also, spirituality, reading, the art of film-making and photography are things that I try and keep up with. As and when possible I believe in giving back to society, mother earth by spreading awareness or contributing whichever way possible. I am mesmerized by anything that is creative. This platform has connected me to the world and so I am here to just share everything and anything with you all 🙂

What Do I Do?

With over 7+ years of content writing experience with newspapers, coffee table books, magazines, blogging, branding and social media marketing; my exposure in the media industry have honed my skills as a creative writer on various subjects. My career started as a writer with The Times Of India, the world’s largest selling English broadsheet newspaper with a circulation of over 3.5 million as a full-time copy editor cum correspondent in Pune. Now, a freelance writer with The times of India, Hindustan Times and many other publications, advertising firms and different platforms. Always a learner, trying to improve on my skill set each day and become a better version of myself.

You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to believe and see what happens!