Creativity with Empty Bottles

Let’s try something different with these unusually beautiful glass bottles  #wasteoutofbest

We all love to drink our favorite brand of tipple, but when it comes to recycling bottle -new or old -who cares? A little bit of creativity can transform these empty bottles into attractive household objects and works of art. You can make a new table lamp, candle holder, rack shelves, wind chime, photo frame, flower vase, jewellery hanger and what not! Creativity in you has no limits with just a few handy tools for bottle crafts like a tile-cutter, glass saw and a power drill with a glass-cutting tip.

Crafting this takes a lot of patience and is little tricky, but the finished products are to die for. Here are few ways you can use them and create the best suitable piece for you.

The wine bottles can become legs to light-weight ply that serves as a table top. As they peep through the surface, the bottle necks acquire new purposes. You can put flowers and use them as vases. You can even put candle sticks to create a romantic ambience. Fill the wine bottles with sand for better balance. You can also design corner shelves and lend a contemporary touch to your room.

If you want to avoid the harsh overhead lighting that ruins your party ambience, use wine bottles to add a soft glow to any room. Cut a hole at the bottom of the bottle and place Christmas lights inside. Or you can put the bottle over a lit candle and use it as a centerpiece on your tea table. Again, if you want to use your wine bottle as a candle stand, you need a glass cutter. Cut off the bottom half of your bottle and place a candle at the neck.

You can also put a candle on a tile and cover it with the bottle. Don’t cover with cork because the air needs to circulate. This fixture will add a hint of romance to the dining table and elegance to your drawing room. A green wine bottle can also look great in your balcony. Inserting a string of rice bulbs will add a festive touch to your home.

Creating a table lamp from a wine bottle can be an interesting and unique thing. These could also be ideal gifts for any occasion. All you need is a decorative shade and a few accessories to finish it off. Choose an adapter that fits best in the neck of your bottle. Keep the socket ready. Now you are ready to turn your bottle into a light fixture. Place the socket into the opening of the bottle, using the rubber adaptor. Insert a bulb in the holder. Select a matching lampshade and here you have a perfect handmade lamp.

It’s easy to turn any kind of bottle into a plant container. Treat your bottle as a canvas and paint to your heart’s content. You can even spray paint the glass and embellish it with beads and threads. Once dry, put water and flowers -preferably one strand at a time. You can also keep it simple or use your creativity to the maximum best.

Take a few empty wine bottles, a fountain pump, a big or medium sized vessel and fasteners. You can embellish the surrounding with items like artificial flowers or coloured stones -or use a wooden tub as the base, which adds a rustic feel.

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