Unconditional Love

A Salman Khan Autographed Painting

Oil colors on Oil Paper

This painting is inspired by love and care of a father for the child.

A commissioned painting celebrating a loving papa and the water birth that gave him the biggest joy in the world.

The resemblance of Shiva as Father and his child- Their outlines are soft, almost squishy — as if you can imagining sinking into their arms in a hug.

Father is someone who protects the family and so was my imagination to resemble the father figure with Lord Shiva who is called to be the universal god – the consciousness.

I have a small story with this painting-

I wanted to gift this painting to Salman Khan on the sets of Big Boss but  the production people said they don’t accept (Small ;-)  ) gifts for him and so the painting was returned to me with his autograph and a thank you note from him <3 I am a very big Fan of Salman and so this painting is some kind of achievement for me.

Visiting the set of Big Boss with MJMC batchmates

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