The beauty of the Big Day often lies in the small, stolen moments with your near and dear one.

Not so long ago a wedding was just a wedding. You could go for a short, sweet celebration; all-singing, all-dancing traditional ceremony. Today the whole wedding scene is much more flexible and fun, and couples are becoming much more confident about celebrate it their own way. So what does ‘going your own way’ mean for contemporary couples? And what are the hottest wedding trends? Lets have a look

THE WEDDING BOOK & MOVIES: What better way to tell the story of your Big day than a visually-stunning coffee-table book? Instead of a traditional wedding album, couples are opting for custom-designed – style photo books, which are filled with candid pictures taken before, during and after the wedding. From simple, hardcover options to luxurious ones with leather covers, there is a variety of sizes one can choose from as per once budget. About the very latest trend — wedding short films, photographers are capturing small and big moments of the whole wedding ceremony, adding bytes from close friends and relatives, the highlight is the bride and groom feelings for each other. The whole journey of this marriage is captured in a short film format featuring your big day. All this and many fun, emotional moments are collected and it will surely help to keep the charm alive all through the life.

MAKING YOUR OWN VOWS: No pandit. No pheras. No kanyadaan. The modern Indian bridal couple doesn’t mind skipping out on wedding rituals and mantras that don’t resonate with the times and their personal beliefs. Modern couples don’t want to doze off through the traditional “tedious” mantras like their parents. There are many families who are not doing the `kanyadaan,’ as they don’t like the idea of `giving the daughter away’. In this era of girls no less than boys, it’s not a fair tradition-kanyadaan. Instead of traditional vedic mantras, couples are also asking for simplified versions, so that they and their friends can understand what the vows really mean. Keeping it short, simple and most importantly meaningful.

CAPTURING THE BIG DAYS SMALL MOMENTS: Moving away from clicking cliched pictures during ceremonies, wedding photographers are surprising the bridal couple by capturing unseen moments of their wedding, using unconventional techniques. A bride is too busy getting dressed to see how her own father is getting his pagdi tied before the ceremony; mom trying to hide her emotions.. capturing such moments for her, can relive them later. Many photographers are using sepia tone for pictures as these capture true emotions; they take the focus away from all the colourful clothes, jewellery and decor that usually distract!

MEALS ON WHEELS: When it comes to food, traditional buffets are facing stiff competition from Rajasthani dishes to Italian, food trucks with themes are in vogue. They are a trendy way to serve delicious, fresh food to guests. Food trucks add zing to a wedding reception, these food trucks and carts have a kitchen from where food is served hot. They usually dish out exotic cuisines and add the funky quotient. Fresh fruits, desserts, cocktails-mocktails are important to complete the food truck.

CAPTURING THE BIG DAY ON SOCIAL MEDIA: People Instagram their food and what they look like in the morning; it should follow that they’d want to catalog every bit of the big day ceremony as it happens. The customized hashtag is suddenly ubiquitous at weddings, allowing couples to collate everybody’s photos, videos, congratulatory tweets and inebriated overheard in one place on the Internet. People are now enlisting wedding planners to brainstorm catchy hashtags with social media still relatively new terrain in the wedding-industrial complex. two camps have emerged: those who photograph, hashtag and post everything, and those who are going unplugged, pushing back against a sea of devices glowing down the aisle. These camps stand firmly divided on what brides and grooms gain and what they lose when they encourage a communal recording and broadcasting of the entire day.

It’s actually, how a generation feels about the place of social media in their lives.There are brides and grooms who feel it brings everyone together but if you focus more on sharing the moment than experiencing it, you are going to end up missing a lot with regrets so try keeping yourself in the present and focus on enjoying the moment.


Everyone wants to know what the next big colours are going to be. For this year its the colour called Radiant Orchid so you can expect to see lots of variation on pinks and purples. This colour has a fantastic vibrancy about it that works well in any season. Another colour that is going to get bigger as the year goes on is black to give it a touch of sensual darkness to weddings also different bold colors are used like red and other. Moving on to wedding themes a real mixed bag is coming through, from geometric and artsy featuring 1980s pop art, to dramatic and old world opulence. Rustic woodland and festival themes look set to see a real surge in popularity,as well.

Vintage is evolving : Traditional vintage themes that we’ve seen of late are evolving into more rustic affairs. Last year saw a developing trend of brides wanting a more rustic theme for their day. Vintage remained on trend with lace and pastel remaining popular but we are starting to see vintage evolving to have a more 1940′s war time feel with the coming year of elegance, and will see the return to glamour – vintage will still be a very big part but now it will err towards the embellished; with crystals, feathers and Art Deco-inspired design. Traditional, formal weddings seem to be making a comeback – classically styled with a proper breakfast and big, dramatic décor.

Holidaying: Planning for post wedding vacation i.e. honeymoon is a must break- glamorous camping (glamping)- allow you to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors with all the comforts of luxurious accommodation. For those uninspired by the hotel experience, glamping offers a unique and memorable encounter with nature without the negative aspects of camping. There’s no fire to build, no tent to pitch, and definitely no sleeping on a groundsheet. Your tent will be more of a permanent structure, fitted out with all mod cons, and with someone on hand to tend to your every wish. High-end offerings can include butlers, fine dining, spa tents, and more, with a level of service that focuses completely on your comfort.

The appeal of glamping is obvious: a beautiful natural location with the luxuries of a 5-star hotel. Nature is right on your doorstep, so you are close to all kinds of outdoor pursuits. Candles, starry skies, and an open fire are a must. Out in the wilderness with no light pollution, you can see the night sky like never before, and, surrounded by cosy blankets and softly lit lanterns, you can fall asleep and wake up to the sounds of nature.  Tented camps also go hand-in-hand with safari holidays, wherever you are, being able to wake up to a magical sunrise, before stepping outside to enjoy all that nature has to offer from dawn to dusk, followed by a candlelit dinner served in the moonlight right outside your luxury suite, is an experience that will be hard to better, or forget.

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