Food Paradise

With Kolhapur being a hotspot tourist destination, food industry is thriving in the city.  The city has a lot to offer for food lovers i.e. foodies. Soothing climate, industrial growth, infrastructural development and religious significance are promoting the city in a big way. Being the only developed city close to Goa, Konkan, Karnataka and Sangli, Kolhapur offers more than pleasurable staying and dining experiences. The city has a lot of good hotels and resto’s offering state-of-the art facilities.  All stand alone restaurants to star category hotels in kolhapur serve all the traditional kolhapuri dishes & thalis. The hospitality industry promises to be a major attraction in the Western Maharashtra.  The city is beautifully surrounded by forts, palaces and historical temples amid green pastures.

Kolhapur is a real foodie paradise. Kolhapuri food is world famous for its taste & traditional delicacies. Though it is being misrepresented as spicy food worldwide, but the truth is that it is moderate spicy with its unique taste due to the use of kolhapuri homemade masalas (spices mixture) & onion garlic chutney. So if you have to taste the real kolhapuri food, you have to travel to the lovely city of kolhapur, where People of Kolhapur love to show their hospitality i.e. “PAHUNCHAR’ by serving variety of kolhapuri dishes.


Misal Pav:

The sumptuous and filling breakfast dish tastes like nowhere else in the country. Traditionally a mixture of boiled moth beans, potatoes, farsan, chivada, shev, papadi and kat, a spicy soup like gravy made with garam masala, tomatoes, garlic, ginger and dry and wet coconut. The dish is accompanied by a slice of bread. Some chopped onion along with lime makes it even more mouth-watering. This fiery dish can get tourists going with its pungent flavors and tantalizing aromas always accompanied by  bread(pav).

Batata Wada Pav :

The kolhapuri wada pav is as bigger sized batata wada served with typical bread slice with chutney & fried green chillies. It’s a simple preparation of potato sabzi balls dipped in gram flour batter & deep fried. The tempting smell of wadas cant leave you without having a bite of it.

Vegetarian delights :

Vegetarian meal comprises of pithala and bhakari with kharda/techa, bharali and masale wangi, leafy and sprouted vegetables with dahi (curd) or butter milk. Servings of the meal in traditional Marathi style proves that the goddess Annapurna ( Goddess for meal) has flavored Kolhapurians.

Kolhapuri Bhel :

Tongue teasing , mouthwatering bhel is made from puffed rice & farsan & is a great evening time snack. Mostly served in roadside eateries also available near Keshavrao Bhosale Hall & Rankala Chowpaty.


Ice Cream: 

Kolhapur seems to have alot of established ice-cream parlour. Just to name a few are Raj Mandir and flavour are a must visit for many freshly flavored ice creams, faloodas, cocktails, mocktails.


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