Kolhapur – It’s Cool

Famous for its Mahalaxmi temple, Kolhapur has always been a tourist attraction for people not only in Maharashtra but  across India. Surrounded by Sahaydri mountains ranges and nourished by Panchaganga river, the city is blessed with wonderful geographical location. Popular pilgrim centre and the city of artsy affair, Kolhapur is a hot tourist hub, the region is mentioned as ‘Karveer’ in historical documents.

Elaborating on the city’s tourism potential, Aruna Deshpande, a close observer of Indian tourism industry and travel writer, avers that tourism is also a way to preserve culture and tradition. She lists a few places, which should be on the must-visit list of all those who visit’s  city.

Panhala fort

This historical fort has become a nice hill station that keeps beckoning tourists. Good accommodation and a variety of spicy Kolhapuri food are available here.

 Rankala Lake

Situated a merely a kilometer from Mahalaxmi Mandir, the lake has its own glorious history. Shalini Palace, situated next to the lake, adds to the lake’s beauty. The Kolhapur Municipal Corporation has developed a beautifully landscaped garden around Lake Rankala.

Khasbaug Maidan was built by Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur to promote wrestling, one of the stalwart traditions of Kolhapur. It’s called a jewel of Karveer Nagari. Kolhapur would ever be complete without a mention of what is perhaps the rarest sports monument in the world, Saathmaari Maidan. Saathmaari is a glorious example of royal sports. Here, players used to fight with angry elephants.

Bhalji Pendharkar Cultural Center and Museum showcases the priceless collection of rare photographs. The city’s next stopover is the New Palace Museum. A heritage collection put together over the years by the royal dynasty of Kolhapur, can be seen here.

Panchaganga Ghat and the Brahmapuri Picnic Point. A beautiful panoramic view of the River Panchaganga can be seen from this point.

Town Hall Museum is another attraction close to Juna Rajwada, the places that is on the itinerary of almost every tourist. A display of ancient Roman coins here stands testimony to the trade between the rulers here and the great Roman Empire.The museum showcases the cultural tradition of Kolhapur. Stone sculptures excavated in and around Kolhapur district are displayed here. A small statue of Poseidon, the Greek Sea God is a must watch at the museum. It was found during the excavations of Brahmapuri hill near Kolhapur. A separate gallery has many marvelous paintings by famous artists from Kolhapur.

Dajipur sanctuary

The sanctuary is a major attraction for forest-lovers. It has been witnessing a steady flow of visitors from across the country.

Kaneri Math

Situated at around eight to ten kms from the city, Kaneri Math takes you on a journey to ancient India.

Koteshwar Mandir

This temple of Lord Shiva attracts devotees almost all through the year.

Other attractions

Kolhapur is also known as Kalanagari. The first cinema of India was made at Kolhapur. The Film City here is yet another tourist attraction. Lavni, tamasha and wrestling are also among the great heritage of the city.

Your visit to Kolhapur would be incomplete if you return without tasting the famous misal and tambdapandhra rassa or without buying a pair of Kolhapuri chappals. In spite of the lot of changes that have taken place over the decades, these things continue to be the true identity of the city.

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