Love is such a simple and easy word. We, humans, have complicated it way too far.

I have always wanted to start blogging and share my views on everything and anything. I don’t know if I am the right person to write about Love because I am not yet lucky with that special true love. Oh, you don’t have to pity me; I am so much in comfort with myself that I never really personally went on finding that love to complete me. Instead, I think Love is shared between every relation and so is this day ‘Valentine’s Day’ a celebration of all the love relations and for one and all. It’s not just the celebration of love between couples. Family, Friends, Pets and nature are all to be loved equally. This is my perspective of Love and I am all open to grow and change them with your views/comment.

LOVE is the strongest feeling ever. It can make you or break you. It can strengthen you or make you weak. You rise from it or you just fall into it. The choice is yours! As said “Making choice is easy but the hard part is to live with it.”- Unknown.

Love with blood relations and family outside.

A mother’s love with the new life in the womb gives her all the strength to conquer the pain to give birth. Father’s Love is all the hard work and sacrifices he makes for giving a good living to his family. Siblings are the best blessings from God, you fight, and you get along like the only real committed love.  I personally have three brothers whom I consider equally, though we are just two a brother and me a sister. I can fight the world for them and I love them very badly, words fall less to explain by love for them. You fight to the extreme and then you forget all of it that quickly and easily, you learn fighting with them and get prepare to fight with the world. I am not an easy girl for any relationships and for any role- a granddaughter, daughter, niece, sister or a friend. I never meant to become like this but with the experiences good and bad, this is me! I have my own opinions and I believe in taking stands for right things though I am always open to someone proving me wrong or improving my knowledge with same. With every experience, I upgrade myself to a better me. Though I forgive people easily, I never forget the leanings they showered me with. My best friend is still the same I had in 1st grade, though a lot of them have been added to the list but she was never replaced, and I think this is also love. In fact I love all my girl-in friends (girlfriends).  I have as many male friends as female, I envy their freedom and independent right. I dont know why but I am very obsessed with it.  Most of them (not all of them) are genuine and we respect & love each other. When you greet people with physical touch you get that feeling if it’s the right sort of love or if there’s more to it (jealousy or lust). I have always been lucky here (touch wood).

And lastly, Love between couples, for which the word ‘LOVE’ is so much hyped.  I am in favour of Love and not against it but at the same time it afraid’s me. No school or parents can teach you things which one wrong relationship can do. One of the relations you can be at risk for just loving and trusting the other person. Of course, there are commitments in every relationship but for most of them, commitments change with the situation and so do priorities. Not to forget, promises are made to break. I have witnessed a lot of successful love stories and I feel very proud to be a part of it. But I have also witnessed unsuccessful love stories equally and they are just way too frightening. The sort of negativity you gain when things go wrong is not worth it. Some people just lose interest in life; most of the suicides (not all) are for this reason also most of the depression cases. That’s why Love is called the most strongest feeling in the world. Choose wisely! If you rise in love sky is the limit, you can do any impossible thing possible because it’s two-person uniting as one and that combine energy is way too powerful to conquer anything you wish to but if you just fall in love, that’s the worst shit happening to anyone. Love is a trap here, for some a beautiful trap, a reason to live and for some people reason to shut oneself. It really takes a lot of your time, emotion and yourself to overcome and get back to life.  But trust me; your personality develops way too strong if you hold on and deal with it. Love cannot make you weak ever. It’s one of the purest emotion considered as high as God. Love makes your life, living and struggles easy/ worth it. If anything contradictions to this is happening then it’s not Love, instead it was misunderstood as love. People and especially teenagers get very confused between Love and liking’s, Love and infatuation, Love and lust, Love and loneliness.   To conclude, the best way to differentiate Love with other feelings relating very closely to it is that Love makes you strong; it drives you strong and is committed no matter what!

There are so many love stories I know and have witnessed very closely; I hope to share them once I learn storytelling in a better way.  They say wise people learn from others mistake. Though not all were mistakes and there are learning’s in every story.

Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all!  Take time out and spread some smiles with love ;)

  1. Sunil Singh
    Sunil Singh says:

    I am truly amazed with your thinking and presentation skill. Its not easy to present/write a blog, which attracts people towards it. I read one of it and starting feeling like reading other. Your writing skill has got the charm to connect people’s.


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