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Know from Jyoti Sharma about her passion for nail art, some tips, and how nail art makes an impact in her life. She may only be 19 years old, but her nail art is already inspiring a large audience!

The Journey

Jyoti is a student of fashion designing and Art has always been her favorite subject. She always loved to create and make art since childhood.  Her nail art obsession began 3 yrs back, further to this Jyoti adds, I used to paint my nails silver with hot pink polka dots when I was 9! One fine day I just saw it online and that’s how I came to know about it. How the celebs do their gel extensions, not much people knew about this thing. So I learnt it from a professional studio at Mumbai and then came back to Pune and set up my own nail lounge. It is something that really interests me and keeps me alive.


She adds, I get inspiration from everywhere! I tend to get a lot of inspiration from patterns or clothes. For example, my Orange Floral nail design was inspired by the floral pattern one of my favorite tops. Sometimes I see a color combination I love that will inspire me to do a design like it. A lot of times, I do nails inspired by themes.

My nail designs can take between 1 and 2 hours to complete, depending on the complexity. If I’m doing a lot of freehand work, it will take me longer, but a simpler design will only take me about an hour or less.

The way your nails are created and designs are done, the most important part of it is the polish called as clear gel on the nails, it stays the same until you don’t remove it. There are many things you can get creative with on nails like glitters, studs, stones, bows etc.

Do you use nail polish or acrylic paint for the smaller details on your design?

It really depends. Most of the time, I use nail polish, but more recently I have been using acrylic paint. I used black acrylic paint to do the palm trees on my Neon Sunset Silhouette Nails, and the swirl in my Ariana Grande 60’s Inspired nails . There are a lot of benefits to using acrylic paint — for example, it’s easier to work with and to clean off of brushes. I think I am starting to like paint more, but I still use polish more often.

Some tips for beginner’s

Definitely to clean up and to use top coat. I know in the beginning I didn’t do this, but it makes a HUGE difference. Top coat smoothes your design and makes it look finished and polished and clean up can instantly make your work look 1000 times better.

Some staple products in your nail art routine-

I think that nail care is one of the most important things about nail art, and moisturizing my hands and cuticles is something that I do all the time.

For brushes, I usually just get paintbrushes at the art store and cut them down to a fine tip to do detailed designs. You can buy them pre-cut and specifically for nail art, but I think it’s easier to just buy paint brushes and then make them the size that I need.

I also think that dotting tools are a staple product. Dotting tools are a must have for beginner nail artists. You can even make your own using bobby pins or sewing pins!

The top coat I usually use is INM Out the Door top coat,  Salon Perfect Crystal Clear top coat.

As for colors, I love polishes that will go with anything and can be used in many different designs. Since it makes the perfect accent nail and goes with almost the time and I love it!

Her views on how nail art has made an impact on her life

For one thing, it’s definitely forced me to go out of my comfort zone a bit. I am very quiet, but since my nails are often a conversation starter, I’ve definitely become less timid and more open about sharing what I love. I also have tried designs and styles that I never would have considered, like skulls and animal print. I love sticking to chevrons, floral, and gradients, but I think that because of nail art my personal style has really expanded. I’ve also worn bolder and darker colors on my nails, which is something I never would have done before (I tend to wear girly pastels). Nail art has become such an important part of my life and I’m so happy that doing something I love has gotten me recognition!

Jyoti, Wish you all the success on this path of art and creativity.

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Stay happy, stay alive!

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