The year is almost over! The holidays are upon us and you’ve already started setting your plans in motion for success in the upcoming twelve months. New Year is all set to arrive with people in the city dressing colorfully and indulge in fun filled activities such as singing, playing games, dancing, and attending parties. Night clubs, movie theatres, resorts, restaurants are filled with people of all ages. The fun filled occasion is considered a great opportunity to get closer to the loved ones in your life and to revive contact with lost friends. The idea is to wave goodbye to the year gone-by and welcome the New Year in the hope that it will invite truckloads of happiness and joy in everyone’s life.
New Year’s Eve is undoubtedly the best reason to celebrate—but what to do? It seems most plans involve going out and partying or staying in on the couch and watching the ball drop. However, you’ve done one or the other and you’re looking for something different. Here are some unique ways to bring in the New Year with a bang!

An Extraordinary Night In

Cooking party
Plan an elaborate menu and invite friends and family to taste the final product. Not much of a cook, or don’t feel like taking it all on yourself? Have a potluck. Challenge people to cook a dish that they ordinarily wouldn’t cook. One can  plan to celebrate it with a cooking party at home,  love for cooking and getting creative with it is appreciated by all  friends and family during such parties. It’s fun to cook with friends, the mood is all different and you get all the help you need.
Home Movies and Popcorn way
How many videos/pictures did you take this past year that are sitting on your hard drive? New Year is a great time to organize your favorite moments of the year. Pop some corn, get the family together, and stroll down memory lane. One can plan to spend some time with the memories they made in the whole year. This flash back helps to learn, to plan for the coming year.

Game Tournament way
Get the gang together and dust off that box of cards or Monopoly board and set up a game tournament. This can be lots of fun and is a great way to get everyone involved in some good natured competition. Be sure to make the rules clear so everyone is on the same page. May the best person win!  One can plan have a fun filled evening with friends playing video games, carom, cards.

Pajama-Dance Party
What’s better than a dance party? A pajama dance party! Put together a playlist with your favorite songs of the year, put on your most comfortable (and fashionable) pajamas, turn up the music, and dance until you’re out of breathe. One can also opt for a similar plan with Pajama party with only close friends and cousins. Dancing and being just you and taking lots of pictures—the more the merrier!

Plan a DIY/Craft Party
Channel your creative energy and invite friends to do the same. Find some craft projects online that can be created in a couple of hours and set up a workstation in your home. I have a similar plan, I want to explore my creative side, with online tutorial I am planning to learn dream catcher and celebrate the new year gifting myself a new learning.

Planning a Resolution
The age-old tradition of planning new resolutions for the coming year is a common sight. A few of the most popular resolutions include losing weight, developing good habits, and working hard. It’s a much needed option these days, on a day where all the world is busy partying, one can enter the new year in a spiritually way. Meditate, do Yoga, exercise to connect with the self.

Host a party with a theme
Invite a a local wine expert (or do the research yourself) and some friends to host a special New Year’s Eve. Lay out a spread with cheese, crackers, fruit, etc. If wine isn’t your thing you can do the same with:  chocolate, cheese, coffee or other food items you’d like to learn more about. Add a theme for additional fun, for example an “I belong to you” theme where each guest is responsible for bringing tastes from different regions or countries.

The New Year signifies that the time has arrived to bid farewell to the by-gone year and to welcome the New Year. Traditionally, the New Year was celebrated on the first of March every year. However, this date was switched to January 1 as it is considered to have a more religious significance. With the growth of the western culture across the globe, New Year’s Day on January 1 in the Gregorian calendar has been one of India’s many celebrations. There are different opinions as to when New Year’s Day that falls on January 1 in the Gregorian calendar was first celebrated in India. Some say that it was observed when the British colonized India while others say that its popularity bloomed only after the 1940s.

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