Every New Year not only brings a change in the number but it also expects a positive change in us. While taking stock of the year gone by, one usually thinks as to how one wants to see oneself at the end or during the ensuing year. Most of us, sometime or the other, make resolutions and most of us experience that it’s easy making one but it takes a lot of perseverance keeping one. In spite of it, we start afresh with a renewed hope to do so.

Though they are not kept, they are made without fail. New Year resolutions are becoming an integral part of lives. Almost 80 per cent of them keep New Year resolution, says a news report. The trend is fast catching up in India. Of course, there is no harm in following suit. Living up to the promise is more important. Hype aside, for many Puneites, it’s more about keeping the resolve when it comes from within.

The most obvious question one comes across this time around is ‘What is your New Year resolution’? Most of the oaths we take at the beginning of the year may never go the distance yet we hardly give up on them. And why not? If we demand any sort of change, we need to change ourselves first and to begin a year with that thought definitely adds to the journey.
The year 2016 is here, ready to embrace us with opportunities, successes, odd failures, emotional waves, challenges, hope, and a lot more; blended in a different proportion for all, of course. It has a lot to offer but one thing it promises to everyone is freshness, a new beginning. It all depends on oneself – what one expects from self and, life in the year to come and how is one going to act to achieve it.

Lets talk about the R i.e. resolution- one of which is to get fit; all of us want to have a good health. But are we really doing anything for it. Isn’t this a right time to Gift yourself a healthy living habit. Know what you are eating, staying hydrated, exercising,yoga, mediation include these in your routine and strive to live healthy. Another one is to acquire new skills, learning should never stop. Travel plans are the most favorite among people,trekking, camping, tours, trips- this break is a must for everyone, doing something out of the box regenerates the freshness in you. Young entrepreneurs want to take their startups to another level, many are planning to give it a execution.

Charity begins at home. That’s the reason many have decided to start the process of change from self. New Year’s resolutions Taking up Social responsibility – with a beautiful resolution of – contributing more to others lives by joining NGOs or finding more time for other or bring a change within one’s attitude, for instance, being more friendly or less aggressive or change a habit or give up an addiction. Bringing an effective change in the traffic safety by starting wearing helmet and persuade others to do the same. Becoming a better citizen by contributing to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, separating dry and wet waste and adopting eco-friendly alternatives are among some selfless resolutions. Young artists are getting more creative to bring about a change in the society with different mediums like music, photography, writing, painting, animations.

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